"Wierz mi, to jest naj­lep­szy sposób, żeby uk­ryć strach. Być taką, hej, do przodu.Żeby nikt się nie domyślił."


Wrocław - Kaman w natarciu :)

"Things you love?
I'm gonna do that. When I get home,
I'm gonna frame a bunch of stuff I love.
Like lasagna. I love lasagna.
It's so good, and cheesy.
You know who else loves lasagna? Garfield.
Man, that cat really loves lasagna.
Maybe I should put a picture of Garfield in a frame.
As a kind of shorthand way of saying I love lasagna.
That would be so fucking inside.
Or how about a photo of President Garfield?
Oh, shit. That'd be totally meta.
People would be all like, "Jane, why do you have a photo
of President Garfield on your mantle?"
And I'd be like "Because I like lasagna, of course."